Adding natural wood accents to your home will give it an instant touch of warmth, texture, and elegance. The amazing thing about natural wood is that it can blend well with almost all home designs from contemporary to modern aesthetics. It’s easy to incorporate this medium with any existing style. 

The allure of the wooden interior design style

Honestly, it’s hard to compare an element that’s naturally inviting and capable of adding instant zen to any space. Whether you add wood outside or inside your home, this medium can give that stylistic character that’s undeniably charming and homely. 

Not only that wood aesthetically alluring, but its lifetime-lasting durability is also among the many reasons why it’s the top pick of homeowners who want to go for greener alternatives. 

Over the past years, salvaged, reclaimed and recycled wooden materials have become the first choice of eco-conscious homeowners. That’s because the material is so versatile for repurposing. For example, recycled wood pallets can be recreated into accessories and furniture. People use them as shelves, swing beds, dining tables, and desks. 

There are a variety of ways that you can incorporate natural wood into your home and spaces. Here are some ways you can use wood pieces for home design. 

1. Rattan woven serving trays

A rattan tray itself makes a good wood decor piece for your living room.

These wood trays are versatile. Rattan trays can serve as bread baskets or serving platters. Put them on display for your guests to appreciate and use as decorative trays to hold magazines on your coffee table. You can also use them as fruit baskets to store your bounties. 

Rattan trays are carefully crafted and woven. Their natural fibers add a sense of casualness. The earthy tones instantly lighten up the mood wherever you put them.  With proper care, a rattan tray can last for over a decade. It’s naturally water resistant and can withstand UV rays, so its natural colors have significantly less fading. 

2. Accent pieces for your home

You can incorporate wooden pieces into almost any part of your home, from the bathroom to your living room decor.

Here’s an idea. Take a log end and turn that into a table. It will create that cabin-like feel if you put them in the living room or the backyard for barbecue sessions. You can fancy it up a bit by topping it with a glass. 

Love art? How about some wooden frames for your art pieces? The natural colors of wood can bring together the elements of painting whether it’s an abstract piece, contemporary, or your kid’s pop art. 

How about some driftwood project? You can use driftwood for a whole lot of things. From creating simple wall sign projects to building a complete furniture set. 

3. Incorporate natural elements into home fixtures

Update your everyday fixture with a wooden element. For example, you can add a wood backsplash in the kitchen. Saving up on space? How about some wooden floating shelves to add texture and character to your walls? 

If you are feeling a little extra, a wooden light fixture will create a dose of natural elements in your home’s living room design. Love patterns? Imagine herringbone patterns as a wall accent for your home office. 

Using bits and blobs of wood decor pieces in your home fixtures will instantly add a warm vibe to your space.  

4. Add wooden accessories to your kitchen

The most obvious suggestion would be to add wooden drawers or cupboards, but if they aren’t your thing, you can always go for something subtle such as kitchen accessories. 

It’s so easy to add wooden pieces in the kitchen because they just blend well with the space. You can add both functional and decorative pieces to amp up the vibe. Think of wood containers, spatulas, coasters, and bowls. 

5. Create a wooden feature wall

Put together the best-reclaimed wood planks that you can find; combining different textures, colors, and finished, then treat them to bring out the best character of the wood. 

Put them together to create a feature wall, ideally in a space where you want to create a focal point. You’ll be surprised by the details and personality of a feature wall made with reclaimed planks. Done right, it will not only style your space but give it that chic, rustic yet modern accent.

6. Add natural elements to your bathroom sanctuary

Your bathroom is like your own haven. Why not bring together colors and elements that bring peace to you? Create a relaxing and rejuvenating space using wooden pieces. 

Spruce up your bathroom with a Nordic wooden tissue box or a wall-mountain wood toilet paper holder. Instead of letting items randomly sit on the counter, how about organizing them in a jute storage basket or a rattan storage box?

Generally, wood can be used in floorings, frames, and vanities. Consider this update if this fits your taste. 

7. Wooden charm on the exterior

Wood’s naturally attractive grains add a sense of richness when used on a home’s exterior. Let’s not forget that wood is naturally strong and durable, so it can withstand the weather and elements outdoors. 

What can you do to make use of wood for your home’s exteriors? There are a lot of home design ideas for this. You can use natural wood for cladding, louver, or boundary walls. 

In the yard, you can use reclaimed wood as raised flower beads or wooden walkways. Not only that walkways are practical add-ons but give a welcoming touch to your home.

What not to do when using wood for home design

Remember to not go overboard when using wood for exterior and interior design styles. While there are so many ways to incorporate wood decor pieces in your home, remember that you’re only adding a good balance of elements to your existing design. 

Packing too many wooden elements into one space makes it hard to appreciate each piece. Hence, the need for balance. You don’t want your space to look chaotic. You’re going for something charming, alluring, and elegant.