5 Wonderful Ways to Use Wall Hooks :

Home is where you feel the warmth and coziness, away from the outer world. And, what better way to feel it than to add wooden wall hooks to your home? Adding these small wooden accents gives a homelier vibe to your place of residence. They go well with modern as well as contemporary house layouts.

Keep reading this article, and we will guide you on how you can make the most out of them. By using them as small style elements as well as utility tools for your house.

On the Entrance:

What better way to greet yourself or your loved ones? Then welcome them home with some wall hooks on your residence’s entrance. You can use them to hang your coats, jackets, etc. when entering the house. This welcoming gesture can boost your mood as soon as you enter the house.

Moreover, it could also be a place to showcase all the fancy hats, scarves, mufflers, etc., you have. This way it can be used as a small fashion show of your own. You can also install a mirror with hooks, and check yourself every time you leave the house. Make sure you look dapper in your favorite outfit.

In the Kitchen:

Having an aesthetically pleasing kitchen can boost your mood while cooking delicious meals for your loved ones. Furthermore, if it is practical it is a bonus point. You can simply add various types of wall hooks to enhance your kitchen experience.

You can place small wooden hooks on the wall for all your cutlery, napkins, aprons, etc. to assist in your making magic. Moreover, larger hooks can be used for heavy pots, bowls, etc. This allows you to save a lot of space on your kitchen shelf. Especially, when you have limited space in a small house kitchen.

In Your Bathroom:

Having a relaxing time in your bathroom after a hectic day is a must for all the work you do. In addition, it is the place where most of the revolutionary ideas come from. Thus, this experience must be quite special. And what other better way than to add some wall hooks?

You can use them to hang towels, your clothes, sponges, etc. Make sure your stuff doesn’t get wet as you enjoy the process of relaxation. Moreover, you can use them to hang kitchen cleaning stuff such as plungers, brushes, soaps, etc.

Wall hooks

In the Wardrobe:

All of us want to store more items in the least amount of space. We have limited resources that we want to make the most out of. The same happens in our wardrobe. Either we have limited storage or have some clothes we don’t want to fold.

This is where wall hooks come to play an important role. You can use them to hang your ironed shirt or dress etc. that you want to wear. Or it can be used to hang some expensive suit you don’t want to wrinkle.

As the hooks are small, they are very easy to install. You can place them inside of your cupboard door to maximize the use of storage. If you feel like it, you can install a mirror on the hooks to give a nice touch to your changing area.

Here and There:

The best part about these tiny yet powerful hooks is they can be installed anywhere and will provide utility. You can use them to store umbrellas. So after returning from a rainy day. To keep your house away from soaking.

Or you can use them to hang keys to your house, car, office, etc. You can place them at your choice of comfort and you will be good to go. Another use case scenario is to use them to hang art on your walls. You can use these racks for all the lovely photos, posters, calendars, or anything that makes you feel good.

Final Thoughts:

We hope that after reading this article you have a clear sense of using wall hooks on your walls. You can experiment with things on your own as well. Happy Hanging!

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